TEDxOysterbay 2021

TEDxOysterbay 2021

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TEDxOysterbay 2021 will host 7-10 speakers on a variety of topics with the main ideas being around innovation. We shall explore the topic of Innovation in areas of Science, Technology advancement, Engineering, Marine Biology,  Health Sciences, Agriculture and Climate Change, sports, arts, and Music. The selected speakers will share their ideas with the community  - highlighting actionable ideas of innovation, these talks will be recorded and shared on the TEDx talk Youtube channel with over 10 million subscribers to continue inspiring the next generation of innovators in our communities. 

This event will engage the community and give them a chance to talk about the TEDx talks from our previous events and the new Speakers. The event will feature both speakers and artistic performances in the form of TEDx talks, and audience engagement, which will give the audience an opportunity to speak directly with innovators and creative minds in our community. 

The event shall take place on 20th May 2021, from 15:00 pm to 18:00 pm.

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Beda Andrew


Beda Andrew is a Tanzanian award-winning gospel artist who possesses a sublime talent for narrating stories through delightful music. He uses gospel songs to communicate a life lived in love, mercy, hope and courage. #2021TEDxOysterbay Beda Andrew uses his music to express his beliefs and share his story, allowing himself to be vulnerable in hope of connecting with someone. His expressive voice is an alarming sound that hope lies in us and make our dreams into reality.

Brian Tarimo

Molecular Biologist

Brian is a research scientist at Ifakara Health Institute (IHI). Brian is trained in molecular biology & bioinformatics and his research focuses on mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as Malaria and Dengue. Brian leverages his knowledge and skills to understand why certain mosquitoes are better than others at transmitting these diseases by looking at the complex interaction between mosquitoes and the parasite they carry. Through his research, Brian hopes to gather novel insights that will lead to the identification of potential new strategies such as drugs or vaccines for the control of vector-borne diseases.

Happy Itros Sanga


Happy Itros Sanga is a (23 years, Tanzanian) Psychologist, Gender Activist, Techpreneur, and Vice President of The University of Dar es salaam Students’ Government leading more than 30,000 students. She has been part of different youth movements solving society challenges since 2014. Currently, she is developing a software system (Psycho-tech assistant) that can help her local community solve different mental health challenges digitally. She believes for any community to reach its full potential, it's vital to take seriously the mental health issue. And so having a digital platform will ease the accessibility of the service to both marginalized and non-marginalized individuals.

Jane Masha (NEASH)


Jane Masha a multi-talented lady born in Tanzania and blessed to be raised in Uganda, exposing her to different cultures that expanded her food menu, taste in music, and exciting new dances. This is the world she comes out to play as “NEASH”, a name that she created from both her names to stand true to who she is as she blooms in her journey in music. Bloom is the bigger picture in her mind that pushed her to get a degree in computer graphics and now she is in love with the building and sharing stories based on real-life scenarios but also creating content for adverts; you name it, and she will put her mind to it

Khalila Mbowe

Creative Innovator & Social Enterprenuer

Meet Khalila Sandrah Mbowe (Kellz); Multi-passionate social innovator and impact-entrepreneur, Lead disruptor at Unleashed Africa Social Ventures, a Speaker, mentor, and trainer, a Creative Director, and Performer, and an African Transformation cheerleader and enabler. As a creative innovator, Khalila works at the intersection of youth development, social innovation, gender, arts & development, and job creation; integrated with a newfound passion, technology. Through her work, she is focused on reimagining and redefining how Africa engages technology and innovation towards youth development and job creation. She is driven to build strong African brands focused on the continent’s socio-economic transformation.

Mohamedhussein Raza

Creative Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mohamedhussein Raza has always asked the question “why not?”; this simple practice has led him to expand upon his curiosities and constantly seek new challenges. After obtaining a Bachelors's in Business Management, he went on to join the family business and simultaneously co-founded an accessories brand called SHONA Tanzania. Inspired by the vibrant culture of Africa and the unique skillsets of its people, Mohamedhussein and SHONA aim to celebrate the continent’s creativity by creating meaningful accessories that give a sense of identity to those who use them and a source of income for all those involved in it’s making

Princely H. Glorious

Entrepreneur & Storyteller

Princely is the Co-founder and Director of Storytelling & Strategy at OnaStories. Our world is built on stories - Princely helps you find and tell yours well. He works with people and businesses to find their audiences, clarify their goals and sharpen their message. Princely is an award-winning impact communications expert with over 10-yrs experience leading world-class communications in development and the private sector. From managing national campaigns promoting innovative M-nutrition approaches to help rural mothers give their kids the best start in life, to directing Tanzania's first-ever Augmented Reality gallery, Princely is a sought-after storytelling and strategy expert.

Tumaini John George


Tumaini is an 11-year-old poet, studying at Sunrise school in standard seven. Her favourite subject is Civic and moral. She started doing poetry five years ago when she was asked by her teacher to recite a poem on a graduation day. She has performed on different platforms including Innovation week curated by HDIF. She has been featured on BBC News and other local media in Tanzania. Tumaini’s poetry is for inspiration and change-making in the community. She aspires to be an inspiring poet and a travelling journalist.

Zenna Akuwa

Meet Zena, she is the founding member of Parachefs Tanzania, a locally owned food business established by persons living with disabilities. She is a passionate advocate for empowering girls and young women with disabilities. 

In recognizing her impact among the young women with disabilities, Zena was listed among 100 Tanzanian SHEROES in 2020 and won Women in Management Africa (WIMA) abilities award.

Zena believes that a disability is not an inability, her work centers around a quest for inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in society.


Nancy Iraba

Nancy Iraba is an Award-winning marine scientist, and a science communicator, she is the Lead organizer of TEDxOysterbay since 2018, from her being a scientist with a wider range of activities she realized that there are so many untold stories, facts, ideas, and knowledge that has to be shared across disciplines for the world to be a better place. She believes that TEDxOysterbay is a platform for local people to share their ideas with fellow local people and across the globe. 

Catherinerose Barreto

Catherine rose Barreto is an independent consultant in the areas of Human Capital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Gender. She is also the Co-Founder of two organizations one focused on Human Capital Development and Recruitment, the other a social enterprise aimed at building capacity within the ICT entrepreneur community in Dar es Salaam. Catherine rose experience with recruitment, selection, and training spans over five years from initially working for a recruitment agency before setting up Pamoja Initiatives in 2011. She volunteers as chief curators for the TEDxOysterbay event since 2018

Jerry Mang’ena

Jerry Geofrey Mang'ena is a Marine biologist and Aquaprenuer with over four years of experience in fisheries and aquaculture.  He co-founded the Aqua-Farms Organization (AFO) that works with communities on sustainable utilization of aquatic resources to mitigate climate change risks, hunger, and poverty. He teaches at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries of  University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM),  a Climate Reality Leader, and Mandela Washington Fellow. He is committed to applying innovative-centered approaches in protecting the oceans, lakes, and rivers from unsustainable use and firmly believes that if aquatic resources are sustainably used they can help to mitigate climate change impacts, hunger, and poverty; He has been a co-organizer with TEDxOysterbay since 2018

Fatuma Geoffrey

Fatuma Geofrey Mang’ena has 4 years of experience in Event Management and works in partnership with Paddafelis Events and interns at vijana think tank focusing on event planning and execution alongside content creation, event marketing, and management through the use of technology, with the great impact of creating extraordinary output to the event attendees. Currently, Fatuma is an event manager for TEDxOysterbay Event and has worked with both local and international event projects across the world.

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